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May 25

The Fear of Gaining the Weight Back

Erik Chopin is a man that people called an inspiration. Eric appeared on the third season of ‘The Biggest Loser.’ His starting weight was at 407 pounds and he managed to lose 214 pounds. After the cameras stopped rolling and he was out of the eye of expectations, he gained the weight back. He weighs around 350 pounds.

I read his story today and also the comments. One person stated a shocking statistic, 95% of dieters gain their weight back. This is shocking to me. How can a person gain all their weight back? Why didn’t they stop it?

It’s an unknown, a scary unknown, to our future. When we lose weight we want to say it’s a permanent change but how can we never know? Look at Oprah. Girl has money to pay for professional trainers and chefs. Yet, she is not rail-thin.

I can’t do it. I cannot compare other people’s weight loss journeys to mine.

Here is some good news. The statistic of 95% of dieters regain their weight is a lie. Actually the statistics is lower for people who lose weight on their own terms.

The contestants on ‘The Biggest Loser’ workout for 4+ hours while eating a strict 1,000 calories diet. Is this practical in the real world? NOPE!

I can hear sweet brown saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

We have jobs, families, and even sleep to maintain. We need a TV show that shows how to lose weight in a particle world. And no, I am not talking about arm workouts with the office chair.

For those who lost over 100 pounds and gained it back, I am sorry. For those who lost it and are worried about gaining it back, you are not alone.

We are community, we are family, and we need to stay strong.


May 18

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Mar 03

March To The Core

Before we talk about my March Mission. Oh, I love the sound of that. I have good news about February. I attempted to do the push-up challenge. On the first, I started with 10 pushups and everyday I added one. Remember, I couldn’t do a single push-up at the beginning of the year and now I can do 38! Holla.. So this means I succeeded! YES!

But, On the last week, I asked a coworker if my form of the push-up was right. He told me that I look like I was humping the ground. My back was not straight enough. You see, I was too worried about having my butt so high in the air that I sunk my body. So i apologize to any person working out who saw the embarrassing mess of a push-up and you thought I was doing sex moves to the ground. I am sorry. Also, If I see myself on Tosh.0, I will come for you… kidding.

So I checked the scales and I weigh around 233 pounds which is awesome. This is the amount I weighed when I originally hit my plateau a few months ago. The holidays took a tole on my body so I gained 12 pounds. Yikes, but I lost all that off this month by eating “somewhat” clean. I mean, I ate everything in moderation.

I ordered Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints) and I got them the first week of February. I had to wait 3 weeks to eat them. Friday, the first, was a glorious day inside my mouth. Nom-Nom Nom. I will attempt to spread out the cookies so I will eat the two boxes in two weeks. Haha  cross my fingers for this. :)

March to The Core Challenge


Yuppers, I am doing 20 sit-ups on the first and adding 5 each day. YES, 5! My stomach right now is sore. I can’t do a sit-up on the hard floor. The pressure on my tailbone is painful. The gym has an incline sit-up machine that i have used instead. Hopefully by April 1st I can OFFICIALLY break out of my plateau and get under 230 pounds. If / when I hit 220ish I will have the motivation to just keep going. My mentality since my plateau was that 230 pounds wasn’t that bad. Its still a whole lot better than 385.


Feb 03

February Challenge

When I was in Phoenix, Arizona with my friends, I tried to do push-ups. The problem is, I have upper-body problems. Like, I am unrealistically weak. I remember when I was forced to do weight lifting sessions for Football in High School (shocking! I did play) and I could barely lift the bar during bench press exercises.

Yup, painfully weak. So over this past year I focused a lot on my lower body but little on my upper body. A stroke a genius ensued and my February Challenge was born.

I will do at least 10 push-ups a day. Each day I will gain 1 pushup.

Feb 1st - 10

Feb 2nd - 11

and so on…

I got the idea from a coworker who tried to persuade me do a ‘squat challenge’ in December. Same format as above but instead of push-ups a person squats throughout the month.

Okay, I know I posted this a little late but who is on board with me?

Lets Push(up) through this month so we can March to April.

On April 20th, WDBJ7 is hosting the Blue Ridge Marathon. You can run a whole marathon, half-marathon or join a 5 person team. I hope to see some of you guys out there. Details HERE!

for now



Jan 23

Hot Tub Rendezvous

Hot Tub Rendezvous

About 2 weeks ago I was in Phoenix, Arizona with some friends. The hot tub was our watering hole. We always ended up at the hot tub every night. Now, fatties unite can all agree, we HATE swimming pools and/or hot tubs. Basically, we hate showing off our bodies.

When I was bigger, I had to wear a t-shirt in the pool. If the rules were no shirt then I would not swim. I hate having my man-b00bs shown. Yes, that is a technical, official term that I am using.

Before the trip, I messaged my friend telling him that I will not enter a body of water because of my low body image. I refused to swim and I purposely didn’t bring a swimsuit. Bad mistake, because hours after my plane landed, I was in the hot tub wearing running shorts and a college t-shirt.

When you first dip your toes into the hot tub, it BURNS! Like, the heat is too much to bare. After a while, you get used to the feeling and what was painful is now soothing.

Well, on the 2nd night I was sick of wearing a cold damp t-shirt post-Hot tub hangout. I decide to strip it off. I gave the group a quick, “don’t judge my body and saggy skin because I lost a lot of weight in a short amount of period” speech. Yeah, they looked at me funny and I felt a little embarrassed.

I took my shirt off.


 I can feel the pain of the on-lookers as they assess my body. I need to submerge my body ASAP. I failed to live up to the pressure of society to have the perfectly toned, ripped with 10 abs body. I felt ashamed, cold, and lonely.

After some time, I realized that people did not care. I made such a big deal over my body when we all struggle with body image. I talked to a normal guy who ran track in High School and some college and he said he hated some parts of his body. This guy has the perfect body. It is insane the amount of pressure we put on ourselves.

The watering hole, in which in my mind, was a place of judgment and pain revealed its true nature to be soothing and comforting. I didn’t feel alone. I felt a part of the group. I felt free.

Body image disorder screws with our minds. We feel less of a person because our body is not perfectly scaled, sized or colored. If I could be honest, I never felt fatter than right now at my skinniest when I eat junk food. When I was huge, I did not feel it. Now that I lost a few pounds, it really comes to mind the hysteria over our bodies. I do not know if it stems from me not wanting to be fat again or .. I don’t know what else it could be.

 We have all seen the pictures with the skinny girl that circles parts around her body that she wish she can change. Well, that is a reality for most of us. We may not have the courage to actually use a black sharpie or vocalize it but we do it in our heads. When we see someone who has a better body than us we compare them to us. We are chipping away our self-esteem every time we judge another body to our own.

How do we stop it?

Inner peace.

I just have to find that calm within.



Jan 01

New Years Resolution

It is a new year and it can be the year for change. Most people attempt weight loss as their resolutions. You would think I put it down as mine for 2012 but I did not. I actually wanted to succeed because most resolutions fail.

We get so energized for a new start that we rely on ourselves to have this insane boost of energy everyday. Well, that motivation slowly dies and days at the gym become fewer and fewer while trips to fast food joints increase.

I wish I had a brilliant idea to avoid this mis-step we take on our resolutions. Maybe, we can try to have mini resolutions. Set our goals for 3-4 month long. Then, we can taste the finish line. We can renew our goals then so its something fresh through the seasons.

lets say we have 4 months to lose 20 pounds. Does that sound reasonable? or go to the gym at least 3 times a week. 

Making extreme goals can be unrealistic especially for a weight loss number on the scale. How about we take better lifestyle choices. Eat an apple a day at work or eat veggies as snacks. Once a week eat a salad for dinner. We could limit our soda intake to one a day or none.

What are your thoughts? Can we actually live a better lifestyle? (The answer is YES!)

Believe in yourself and the change will appear.

Tell me your New Years Resolution. I would love to help in any way I can think of. I love you all and wish you a great holiday. 

Stay tuned for more



Dec 25

LaRell Recipe: Reynolds' Pie -


This is the answer to all of your leftover food during the holidays. Its like Shepard’s pie; instead of mashed potatoes, use cauliflower on top.

1. Put Cauliflower in a food process to change the consistency into little shreds.

2. In a pie crust, combine all extra vegetables, meat…

Nov 21


Nov 19

Surviving Thanksgiving: Part 1

Thanksgiving is days away and you are already have the recipes picked out. Put THEM DOWN! It is time to plan your meal the healthy way with a few of these tips.


 *Avoid Ham and buy Turkey.

*Do not Deep Fry your Turkey (I know… we will get through this together).

*Do Not put the stuffing inside the Turkey; cook it outside of it.

* Brush skin with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Avoid Butter and Salt


 *Avoid carb loaded sides (mashed potatoes)

    - Use Cauliflower instead of Potatoes. Trust me it works and no one will know

* Instead of Green Bean Casserole with high calories toppings, Use almonds or cashews in the mix.

*Stuffing, Check Out this Recipe (you will LOVE it)

*Macaroni and Cheese – AVOID

*Biscuits- Do not use store bought, make with Whole Wheat and limit salt.


 *Use blue agave nectar to substitute Sugar

* Do not BUY whipped cream. Its empty calories

These are just simple fast tips to remember when planning for Thanksgiving. Part 2 will cover what to do when you are at the table.

Nov 04

End of Jocktober

Jocktober was a success and a failure. However, I look on the bright side, therefore, through the fails, I see improvements. Lets talk about the WINS.

1. Roller coaster

I finally fit in the roller coaster seat without feeling embarrassed. I conquered a fear of mine.

2. Gym Challenge

I pushed myself harder than ever in the gym. One week I ran for a total of 21 miles. I wanted to puke after some runs but I still accomplished something I thought I never could do.


1. my diet

haha, I wanted to do a week eating solely fruits and veggies. #Fail… BUT, my takeaway is that I need to eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Lately, for my snack at work, I eat apples. I brought in carrots and dip for a snack today. I am taking a right step, away from processed food.

2. I am still plateauing!

Yup, no weight loss. Probably weight gain because my diet was off due to a whole cheat week.

To help with the plateau, I ordered Green Coffee beans off of Groupon. These beans have helped clinical trial patients lose 15% of their body fat without diet or exercise. I heard about this on The View and it was also on Dr. Oz. I am not relying on the green coffee beans to lose weight but just jump start the fat burning process.

I will have more on the miracle workers once I start using them.


I thought of this in the shower today. Yes, I had to tell you this :)

Anyways, This month starts the holiday period when we binge on sweets and carbs. Well, we can’t always say no. SOOO.. I came up with a plan to fulfill our sweets and still be on a diet. It is a 50 / 50 plan. Every time sweets are in front of you, you will eat or not eat. It will go back and forth. Therefore, if I passed on the cake yesterday, then I can have a thin slice of apple pie today. Get it? it is better to alternate your yes then to binge by saying ‘YES’ all the time. Try it! I bet you will notice how little weight you will gain over the fat gaining season.

Love you all,